Bent Brewstillery Taproom Opens Thursday

bent brewstilery taproom

Doesn’t that look nice? Thursday is your chance to check it out. As you might remember, when Bent Brewstillery and Pour Decisions merged, the taproom was closed for renovation. Now, not only is the taproom back, but their distillery is ...

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Summit Unchained 17 – Harvest Fresh IPA

summit unchained 17, harvest fresh ipa

Considering that Unchained 16 hasn’t yet hit your pint glass, we’re probably jumping the gun here (better to jump the gun than a shark, though)… regardless, here are some details about Summit Unchained #17, “Harvest Fresh IPA” courtesy of brewer ...

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Surly/Lervig Collaborative Black Ale – 1349

Look what the cat dragged in… Here’s some artwork for a collaborative beer from our friends at Surly Brewing Company, Norwegian brewery Lervig and Norwegian black metal band 1349. The label describes a black ale brewed with coffee. A Norwegian ...

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Summit Unchained #16 Herkulean Woods

Look for Summit’s 16th Unchained Beer, Herkulean Woods sometime near the end of the month. This is brewer Christian Dixon’s first effort in the series and damn, it sounds interesting. There’s a video with details below, but essentially he started ...

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