Friday 5ive: My Five Favorite Live Bands


If you read last week’s 5ive, you’ll know that I’ve seen a ton of live bands over the years… it was practically compulsive in the 90s. In any case, let’s jump right the heck in and delve into the five ...

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Schell’s Snowstorm 2014: Grand Cru

Schell's Snowstorm 2014: Grand Cru

I always look forward to Schell’s annual Snowstorm beer. I love that they change up the style year after year, and as far as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed the offerings. This year, Snowstorm is a Belgian-style Granc Cru. ...

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Bent Paddle Cold Press Black

Photo lifted from Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

The first time I tasted the Cold Press variation of Bent Paddle Brewing Company’s black ale, I knew I had to have some more. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Bent Paddle’s Bryon Tonnis says it’s been one of their ...

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Waconia Brewing Taproom Opens Today at 2pm


Today we add another brewery to the ranks! Beer fans, let’s give a warm welcome to Waconia Brewing Company located in (get this!) Waconia, MN. Today at 2pm, Waconia will be the first brewery to open its doors in the ...

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Darkness Eve at Stub & Herbs Friday

Darkness Eve at Stub & Herb's \m/

True to form, the fine folks at Stub & Herb’s have promised to play host to a “Darkness Eve” celebration at the bar this Friday. They’ve assembled 15 different Surly offerings as well as a ton Other great beers. They’ll ...

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Friday 5ive: MNBeer Musicians

I’m coming off of a looooong Thursday and Friday setting up an event for my day gig, so we’ll keep this brief. My original intention was to throw together a craft beer supergroup, but I just wasn’t happy with how ...

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Summit Union Series: 3x Mild Ale


The latest beer in Summit’s Union Series will be called 3X Mild. This is brewer Damian McConn’s take on the Mild ales of 19th century England, brewed with a new American base malt, an experimental hop variety and a traditional ...

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Beer Dabbler Store 2nd Anniversary Sale


The Beer Dabbler Store celebrated its 2nd Anniversary in September, and now they’re hosting a tent sale to celebrate! Coinciding with the St. Paul Art Crawl, and held at our store just down the road from the Schmidt Brewery, the Tent ...

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Congrats Minnesota GABF Winners!


This year Minnesota breweries took home six medals from the Great American Beer Festival. The GABF, organized by the Brewers Association, is the largest commercial beer competition in the world. Winning at GABF is a tremendous honor and our local ...

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Friday 5ive


Let’s give this a whirl… Long before I was a fan of great local beer, I loved music. From the very first item in my collection (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” cassette) to the last, I’ve had a deep connection with music. ...

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