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Return to the Land of 10,000 Beers

State Fair Flight

Foot longs. The Dairy Barn. Ye Old Mill. People watching. Seed art. Yard sticks. Fleet Farm t-shirts. Motley Crue and Slaughter blaring in the Midway. Things on sticks… sometimes ridiculous things on sticks, in fact. Deep-fried everything. More people watching. ...

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Red Cow “Cowlaboration” No. 2 with Lift Bridge


We love collaborations. Hell, we’re even down for “cowlaborations,” provided that the brewers keep our bovine friends out of the mash tun. (In a bun, of course, is just fine.) In any case, here’s just such a cowlaboration: Red Cow and ...

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More Nobel Star Beers from Schell’s on the Horizon


To be frank, I’ve really been digging the Noble Star series of beers from August Schell. From the first offering to the very latest, I’ve really enjoyed the various takes on Berliner Weisse beers. So if you’re like me, you’re ...

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Darkness 2015 Artwork by Brandon Holt


Go figure that we stumble across the artwork for Surly Brewing Company’s 2015 Darkness on a hot and sticky day in which a Russian Imperial Stout is about the last thing I’d consider drinking. Truth be told, I’m nursing some ...

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Summit Unchained #20, Sticke Alt


Old timers still lament the loss of Summit Altbier. I remember seeing it around, but quite frankly, I don’t actually remember much about it. I’ll defer to the old timers, who seemed to be quite fond of the beer. In ...

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