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Minnesota Homebrew Clubs & Organizations

Bitches Brew Crew | website

Blue Ox Brewers Society | website
Brainerd/Baxter, MN

Boreal Brewers | website
Grand Rapids, MN

Bottomless Pint Brewers | website
St. Michael/Alertville, MN

BYOB Club | website
Wright County, MN

Cloudy Town Brewers | website
St. Cloud, MN

Cross River Alliance of Zymurgists | website
Eden Prairie, MN

Fermentals | website
Southern MN

Glacial Lakes Brewers | website
Aitkin, MN

Jack of All Brews | website
Waconia, MN

Milltown Mashers | website
Northfield, MN

Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild | website
Statewide, Professional Organization

Minnesota Home Brewers Association | website
Twin Cities, MN

Minnesota Timberworts Homebrewing Club | website
Rochester, MN

Motley Brue | website
Minneapolis, MN

MN Craft Beer Club | website
Twin Cities

Nordeast Brewers Alliance | website

Northern Ale Stars | website
Duluth, MN

Prairie Homebrewing Companions | website
Moorhead, MN & Fargo, ND

Rochester Area Zymurgy Enthusiasts | website
Rochester, MN

Redwing Homebrew Club | website
Redwing, MN

River City Brewers | website
Monticello, MN

Rum River Wort Hogs | website
Anoka, MN

Southwest Minnesota Academic Society of Homebrewers | website
Marshall, MN

St. Croix River Valley Homebrewers Association | website
Stillwater area

St. Paul Homebrewer’s Club | website
St. Paul, MN

Upstream Homebrewers | website
Bemidji, MN area

Winona Area Homebrewers | website
Winona, MN

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