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Minnesota Beer History

Psst. We know this section needs some updating. We’re actually in the midst of a redesign of the entire site. At that point we’ll have some solid updates. That being said, if it’s not listed and you think it’s worthy, hit us up. ryanATmnbeer.com!

If you want the real deal on brewing history in Minnesota, we highly recommend that you check out “Land of Amber Waters: The History of Brewing in Minnesota.”

Minnesota has a long history of brewing. If anyone would like to contribute, or share some great links, please drop us a line. For the moment, here is a small collection of articles on some of Minnesota’s historic breweries.

History on the Web: Brewed in Minnesota

August Schell, New Ulm

Duluth Brewing & Malting, Duluth | more

Ernst Fleckenstein, Faribault

Fitger Brewing Company, Duluth

Gluek Brewing Company, Minneapolis

Heinrich Brewing Assoc., Minneapolis

Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company, St. Paul

Jordan Brewing, Jordan

Kiewel Brewing Company, Little Falls

Minneapolis Brewing Company, Minneapolis

Norbert Kimmick, Stillwater

Orth Brewing Company, Minneapolis

Peter Bub Brewing Company, Winona

Stahlmann’s Brewing Company, St. Paul

Theodore Hamm Brewing Company, St. Paul

Yoerg’s Brewing Company, St. Paul

Minnesota Brewpubs: Gone but not forgotten
Bandana Brewery, Mankato – brewery closed 2006
Clubhaus Brewpub, Rochester
District Warehouse Brewing Co., Minneapolis
Harwell’s Steakhouse and Brewery, Shakopee
Hops, Eden Prairie & Maple Grove – closed 2005
O’Hara’s Brew Pub – closed 2007
Shannon Kelly’s Brewpub, St. Paul – closed 1997
Sherlock’s Home, Eden Prairie – closed 2003
Trader & Trapper, Moorhead
Union Station, Bemidji – closed 2005
Vine Park, St. Paul – now purely BOP
Watertower Brewing, Eden Prairie

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