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Inbound and Modist Celebrating One Year in the North Loop

Two of the breweries that make up the new brewery hot spot in town are celebrating one year anniversaries. Both events are free to the public but you’ll wanna get there early because the parking can be cumbersome in the ...

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Starkeller Now Open in New Ulm

It’s finally here. The all sour taproom headed up by Jace Marti (of Schell’s) was given the go ahead from the TTB recently and they’ve opened the doors and are ready to serve (check their social media for hours) their ...

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Got the Winter Blues? Modist Has You Covered

Summer festival season is still months away and the Modist crew wants to fill the void on February 18 from 5 pm until 10 pm with music, food, and beer. They’re partnering with ZZQ Smokehouse and Genius of Fun Promotions ...

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