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Lawyers, Refrigerators and Money

The Minnesota Legislative session is nigh, and with that, constituents will surely again take up the call to pass a bill for Sunday Sales of alcohol in Minnesota.  Supporters (and I’m one) have been taking up the cause for several ...

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First Sunday Growler Sales… Sunday… at Montgomery Brewing

Great news from Montgomery, MN. Last night the City of Montgomery passed a provision to allow for Sunday growler sales. The city worked quickly and Montgomery Brewing Co. will be open for the state’s first Sunday growler sales this Sunday, ...

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Sunday Beer Baby Steps: Sunday Growler Sales

Exciting news for craft beer in Minnesota – on Friday, Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill that allows Sunday growler sales at breweries and brewpubs. While it’s not a full-on repeal of bans on Sunday sales, it’s a positive step ...

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