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Spring Ale Fest – April 6th

Spring Ale Fest 2013

What do you get when you combine 14 local breweries, food trucks and a boxing gym in northeast Minneapolis?  The Spring Ale Fest! April 6th will mark the 2nd Annual Spring Ale Fest.  This year the fest will be held ...

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Herkiwho? New Ideas at The Herkimer

The Herkimer was one of the first bars I visited upon moving to Minneapolis. Looking for a place to watch the Packer game on a brisk Sunday, I had heard good things about the crowd and the food, but was up in the air on the beer.

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Winterfest 2013

In a flurry of snow and icy temps Winterfest 2013 has come and gone. The Minnesota History Center played host to the annual festival put on by the MN Craft Brewer’s Guild on Friday February 1st in St. Paul. This ...

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First Look: 612Brew

You might have heard of 612 Brew.  (Pronouned “Six-One-Two” – not “Six-Twelve”).  You might have been told they were a t-shirt company.  You were wrong.  While 612Brew has been conceptualized for several years, and they have been selling t-shirts emblazoned ...

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