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Fair State Celebration

medallion-smIn case you hadn’t heard, several Minnesota breweries were honored by RateBeer recently. The list includes the likes of Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery and Surly Brewing Co.

Fair State had the distinction of beating out over 5400 new breweries to be named one of the top ten new breweries in the world. Pretty rad. This is the first time a Minnesota brewery has been on this list. RateBeer also ranks Fair State’s lagers highly, with its Festbier and Kazbek Kellerbier ranked 7th and 2nd in their respective categories.

Minneapolis Town Hall was recognized as best brewpub in Minnesota and also was honored as of the top 100 breweries in the world. The ever-awesome Town Hall Tap was also honored as best restaurant in Minnesota.

Surly Brewing Co. also received some nice awards, ranging from being listed as one of the top 100 breweries to individual worldwide and Minnesota specific awards for beers such as SurlyFest, Abrasive, Todd the Axeman and more. Visit RateBeer for the full list of winners.


Fair State is celebrating their honor with a month of parties to say thank you to their supporters and fans. They start on Friday at Grumpy’s NE and follow up next week on Thursday at Republic 7 Corners (5:00pm),  331 Club on Friday 3/4; Red Cow North Loop on Wednesday 3/9. We’ll be doing special tappings at each place, and Matt, Niko, and Evan will all be in attendance to chat with whoever wants to say hi.

They cap things off with a party at the brewery on Friday, 3/18. Members get half priced beer all night, but everyone is welcome.  If anyone’s not a member, for this whole celebration new sign-ups will get a free t-shirt with their Membership. They’ll also be tapping the second in their series of Member Designed beers, a Baltic Porter with maple and black pepper.