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Bemidji Brewing Taproom Open

Taproom Streetview The Bemidji Brewing Taproom opens today.  If you were looking for an excuse to visit Bemidji, a spacious taproom in the summertime is as good as any. For those who can’t make it up, here are a few shots from a sneak peek earlier this week. Cheers to Tom, Tina and Bud!

Bemidji Brewing Co.
401 Beltrami Avenue NW
Bemidji, MN

Taproom Hours:

Fridays from 4:00 – 9:00pm
Saturdays from 3:00 – 7:00pm


  Taproom Windows

Taproom Menu

Taproom Bar Corner

Taproom Bar




  1. Is it odd that I live IN bemidji and have not even heard about this place? have not seen any advertising? or even know where it’s at?

    • Odd? Not really. Small-scale craft beer doesn’t typically make use of much in the way of traditional advertising. Regardless, now you know. Enjoy!

    • They have had good press in the Pioneer and other local media.