Town Hall Lanes Opens Friday

At the stroke of 6pm Friday, the fine folks who brought you Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery an Town Hall Tap open a new venue to the public, Town Hall Lanes. Town Hall Lanes occupies the space that was once occupied by Skylane Bowling in Minneapolis’ Nokomis neighborhood. The space has been renovated and in addition to bowling and the requisite beer, a full restaurant has been added to the space. And of course it wouldn’t be Town Hall without an antique bar… for this venue, the gang traveled to Washington to pick up a 100+ year old bar.

bar at town hall lanes

The vintage bar at Town Hall Lanes (Photo: Town Hall)

Needless to say, with the Town Hall team at the helm, this should be a great place. I really like their beer, I like the food at both Town Hall venues and though I’m a marginal bowler at best, I like throwing a ball down the lane every once in a while.

So, check it out Friday evening if you dare… otherwise let the dust settle and enjoy the place soon. Best of luck to Pete & the entire Town Hall crew!

Town Hall Lanes
5019 34th Avenue South, Minneapolis MN

The Old Skylane Bowl

The Old Skylane Bowl