MPR Poses Question on Brewery Boom

Take a few minutes to read/listen to this MPR story by Curtis Gilbert (“Small breweries ready to tap into market – or fall flat“).  The central question being posed is whether or not the Twin Cities market can/will support the plethora of new breweries popping up all over the state/region or will the market saturate quickly.  Hell, living in Portland, a city about 2/3 the size of the Twin Cities and with probably triple (just a rough guess off the top of my head) the number of breweries/brewpubs, my wife and I continue to see new places popping up all the time and, as Curtis points out in his story, the city does not appear to have reached saturation yet.  So, the issue in MN isn’t really one of population size, I don’t think, but rather population/cultural acceptance of craft beer.  These are exciting times we’re living in, folks.  Anywhooo, check out his story and have a lively debate about it over a pint.