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Wisconsin Does Nuthin’ But Breed Geniuses

Here’s a story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (found on the Pioneer Press website) about a beer-friendly hoody designed by Beer City Promotions.  I think Ryan outta get these damn things in MNBeer’s store ASAP, don’t you?  These’d be perfect for use at sporting events, funerals, your kids’ play, exercising, you name it.


  1. I saw sprecher had those in their shop at the brewery. I saw a few around at DLD ’10 also. good deal.

  2. Nice! Those would be great for those events which occur during the cooler parts of the year.

    I wonder what the construction quality is of these hoodies? I’ve thrown out too many hoodies after a few months because the zipper has failed, the detailing has come off, or it has come apart at the seams.