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Pinot Barrels at…

August Schell Brewing Company. They ordered a dozen used French Oak Pinot Noir barrels. Jace Marti says that they are planning to age Schmaltz’s Alt in the barrels for a special limited release. The barrels will be filled later this week. I’m curious… I always look forward to Schmaltz’s Alt but really don’t know what to expect from the effect of the barrel on this beer.


  1. Freakin’ sweet.

  2. Shoot. I thought maybe they would throw some Premo in ’em!

  3. I’m looking forward to sampling this. What will be the effect?

  4. Yeah, gots to agree ryan, Scott. I’m not sure what the pinot barrels will do to the alt. I’ve had Belgian style beer aged in wine barrels and even stout, but I can’t even guess what the alt will taste like.

  5. But I WILL happily try it!

  6. “What will be the effect?”

    We’ll all find out in a couple of months…

  7. Barrel aged Primo! Hell yeah.

  8. If you had more barrels, I’d triple-dog-dare you to do one barrel of Premium, Dave.

  9. Firebrick would have been a better choice…..

  10. That would be high-gravity Premium, too.

  11. Imperial Premo? I’ll pass.

  12. Barrel aged Schmaltz’s Alt… Sounds AMAZING!

  13. Anybody have an ETA on this badboy? I would think we’re getting close. A little bird told me all they have left is the label approval.